7 Top Street Food You Must Try In Toronto, Canada

Toronto, the capital city of Ontario province, is located along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It is one of the most inhabited cities in Canada, characterized and beautified by rivers, deep ravines, and urban forests. The importance of the city is reflected by the diversity in its population and history. It is famous for music and media production and is home to the headquarters of Canada’s major national broadcast networks and media outlets. This destination is also well-known for its distinct cultural institutions such as museums, public events, historical sites, and sports activities, which attract millions of tourists per year. Its economy is diverse, having a hand in technology, design, arts, fashion, business, tourism, and food services. Delicious and mouthwatering food makes tourists enjoy their visits to this wonderful city. If you are planning a trip soon, below are some of the top street food you must try in Toronto, Canada!

1. Quesadilla

Quesadilla is a popular Mexican food served as appetizers in many restaurants in Toronto. It is a delicious sandwich made using Spanish ingredients. The ingredients used are tortillas, cheese, meat, salsa, mushroom, refried beans, avocado, and other vegetables. Just look at the picture of the quesadilla—doesn’t it look delicious? Indeed you shouldn’t miss this appetizing meal while vacationing in Toronto.

2. Dumplings

In Toronto, dumplings are a popular dessert in Canadian cuisines. They are made by wrapping a whole tart apple in pastry, then baking until the pastry is browned and the filling is tender. While baking, the dumplings may be surrounded and even basted in a sweet sauce, typically containing brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon or other spices. You may surprise yourself when you have eaten several dumplings without even realizing it.

3. Jerk chicken

Want to grab an evening snack? Take a stroll on the streets of Toronto, and you will find jerk chicken in booths at TD Union Summer or a seasonal patio party outside Union Station. These lip-smacking grabs are made from flaky parathas rolled tightly around chunks of tandoori-cooked chicken tikka and a layer of egg. There’s some heat to contend with, so it is wise to serve it with a tangy mango cardamom shake, served in an old-fashioned milk bottle.

4. Crepes

Thinking of fresh food? Crepes are the answer. This sweet snack has more than 20 toppings, including an array of fruit, coconut, and chocolate—all available for customers to mix and match. The most common and popular crepe is the Stevie Wonder, a classic combination of Nutella, banana, and strawberry drizzled with fudge and dusted in powdered sugar. What’s amazing about crepes is that they make you want for more. Be sure to enjoy!

5. Poutine

Toronto also has poutine as one of its most popular street food. Poutine is identified as a quintessential Canadian food made of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Poutine made with thick beef gravy on French fried potatoes with fresh cheese curd is a style commonly found in Toronto, and you will not be able to resist the yummy taste it offers. While in the city, trying out this filling treat should be at the top of your list.

6. Chicken cones

Your vacation to Toronto will not be complete if you don’t get to taste chicken cones. The chicken cone is another popular food in the streets of Toronto, mainly sold in food trucks. It is a freshly made waffle shaped into a cone, then filled with overflowing fried, salty, tasty chicken bites smeared with your own choice of sauces like honey garlic or plum. It is truly a delicious and appetizing meal. Just don’t forget to grab extra napkins.

7. Peameal bacon sandwich

Toronto is a city where you can find all kinds of sandwiches. The peameal bacon sandwich originates in Vancouver, but it is popular in Toronto. Most tourists probably look for meals that can be easily grabbed especially while attending sports activities or cultural festivals. Peameal bacon is a one-of-a-kind sandwich, made from pork loin in a salt and sugar brine and rolled in cornmeal. It has a mild salty-sweet flavor and tastes more like fresh ham. It is eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So remember to ask for a peameal bacon sandwich while in Toronto—you’ll be thankful for the recommendation later.

Indulge in a culinary fest while exploring Toronto

As you can see, Toronto boasts a variety of unique, delicious street food that you do not want to miss. There are several food stalls and street vendors selling tasty food all over the place. If you are looking for some of the best, then you must refer to this list. Happy exploring and eating!

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