7 Famous Cities in Canada That are Suitable for Tourist Destinations

Canada is a large country in the Americas that has a variety of interesting tourist attractions. It is not surprising that this country is very popular in the eyes of the world community. Many foreign tourists yearn to come to Canada either for a wedding, a wedding or study there. The beautiful and conducive environment makes this country worth visiting. Check out reviews of famous cities in Canada that are suitable for the following holidays and excursions.

1. Manitoba

Currently Manitoba is a concern for tourists from various countries because this city is an area of migration of polar bears to the ice land in Hudson Bay that moves from land without ice. This Canadian provincial city borders Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. Not only being a polar bear migration area, this city also has many interesting attractions such as lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, grasslands, and others. In fact, there is a small community in this city that plays a role in guiding tourists to vacation every fall. Manitoba is also one of the beautiful places for weddings.

2. Quebec

Quebec is a city located in the east of Canada that presents a different sensation because it is similar to tourist attractions in Japan. Quebec offers several 'low budget' tourist attractions. Famous tourist attractions that can be visited in this city are the fortress frontenac Chanteaux and the River St. Lawrence which is located next to each other. Also, don't miss Hotel De Glace as this unique hotel is made of ice that is open during the early winter months. An explanation of the interesting areas of Quebec is as follows.

Old Quebec

This old town is perfect for backpackers who like to travel cheaply and like to hang out. There is an area precisely Old Quebec that is favored by tourists because there are many architectural buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. This historic city has been named a historical site that must be maintained by UNESCO.

Old Montreal

Not only Old Quebec, there is also Old Montreal which turns out to be older than Old Quebec. Old Montreal is the oldest part of Quebec City located in a small town called Ville-Marie. Old Montreal is often nicknamed "New France" because there are various french-style buildings. The Old Montreal area borders McGill St on the west side, Ruelle des Fortifications to the north, Rue Saint Andre to the east, and the Saint Lawrence River to the south. Old Montreal is quite popular in Canada because there are many historic old buildings in the area. Some of the famous buildings include Montreal City Hall, Bonsecours Market, Notre-Dame- de-Bon- Secours Chapel, Chateau Ramezay, and Sir George-Etienne Cartier National Historic Site of Canada.

3.  Banff

Banff is a ski village similar to a ski village in Switzerland with more affordable tourist costs. There is Banff National Park suitable for skiing in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Banff National Park is the first national park in Canada to provide unforgettable beauty. There is also a comfortable hotel and a spacious camping arena. Skiing can be enjoyed at Mount Norquay. Not only skiing, visitors can also climb mountains, take pictures on unique limestone pillars called Hoodoos, and cycle in Healy Cree.

4.  Vancouver

Vancouver is the most liveable city in the world based on world surveys. Vancouver is famous for its beauty surrounded by mountains on the North Coast. If the weather is clear then Mount Baker in Washington, United States will be visible from this city. There is a largest urban park in North America, stanley park in this city. Therefore Vancouver is also among the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world. Not only the beauty offered, but also the warmth because the city is considered the warmest city in the snowy winter though. In this city there is also a beautiful beach with a view of one large rock called Vancouver Seawall.

5. Victoria

Victoria is one of the favorite city destinations for foreign tourists who come to Canada. This city presents a beauty that is typical of British nuances because Canada was once colonized by the British. Some of the frequently visited destinations include The Empress, a magnificent old hotel in edwardian style; The Grandeur British Colombia Parliament Building, a British Colombian-style parliament building with a typical Roman and Baroque architectural style; and The Butchart Garden, a beautiful flower garden containing more than 700 types of flowers and blooming tanners with five main gardens, namely Mediterranean Garden, Sunken Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, and Italian Garden.

6. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the most beautiful place in Canada that always bewitchs tourists with its panoramic beauty. Clean beaches with stretched blue sea offerings and beautiful blue skies offer tranquility for tourists. To the north and west of the coast, tourists can see modern windmills that serve as wind energy as in the Netherlands. Tourists who manage to climb to that point will get a ribbon for a memento that is a sign of having visited Prince Edward Island.

7.  Calgary

Calgary is a city located in Alberta, Canada. This city offers various types of tourism such as natural tourism, park tourism, historical tourism, shopping tours, to children's education tours. There is a zoo, beautiful gardens, and a beautiful lake called Chestermere Lake.

Those are the 7 famous cities in Canada that are suitable to be tourist destinations can be a reference for year-end vacation destinations. Careful preparation should be made before venturing into the country due to very long flights at the cost of expensive aircraft. Enjoy the beauty of northern America!

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